BIG NEWS!  We have just received a Greenpower Electric Race Car and will begin our new program as soon as school begins!

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A Hands-on, Project-based Approach to Learning Basic Engineering Principles.  

At right, students develop design skills by designing the strongest deck possible using only a few very basic materials while remaining within specific parameters.
Students create designs within various fields of engineering including electrical, civil, chemical, mechanical, and manufacturing.


Students begin by creating sketches of designs then progress to creating orthographic, isometric, oblique, and perspective drawings on paper and finally to creating 3D models using Solid Edge.



Students constructing a cardboard mockup of the "World's Greatest Organizer."

Students are required to research possible solutions to a design problem, perform a marketing survey, narrow design choices using a Pugh Chart, create construction drawings, and build a mockup of their design. 



Students use Labview and National Instruments Mini Systems to simulate real world systems.  In the picture to the right, students are using a myDyno Mini System to calculate power and torque of a "race car." 

Students also build mock-ups and prototypes of classroom designs and test them to determine if their designs meet requirements.

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