What do we do?  We do!   That is, we learn by doing.  Jets Engineering students learn to design, to model, to build, and to test.  We learn these skills through project-based and hands-on activities.

 Below are lists of some of the things WE DO.

Jets Engineering Projects:
Design, Build, and Test a Model Truss System
Design, Build, and Test a Robotic System
Build Land and Underwater Robots for Competition
Create Proposals for Mock Space Missions
Design and Wind Tunnel Test Airfoils
Design, Model, and Present Experimental Equipment
Build and Test Model Rockets
new! -Design, Build, and Race an Electric Car
and Much More...
Other Activities:
Create a Resume
Research Chosen College Majors and Careers
Prepare for Interviews
Learn Workplace Etiquette
Create 2-D Hand Drawings
Create Solid Edge 3-D Models and Drawings
Create Autodesk Inventor 3-D Models and Drawings
Create Electronic Circuits
Test R-Value of Common Building Products
Create LabVIEW Programs
Measure the Torque, RPM, and Horsepower of a Model Car
Create PLC Programs
Learn to Solder
Intern at Local Companies such as Avion, NASA, and SAIC
and Much More...